Cyberspace is an operational Domain that will impact all aspects of public and military posture, commerce, security, social and cultural norms

Our experienced team stands ready to assist with rapid, agile mobilization while protecting critical infrastructure and vital assets. With almost 30 years of Cyber Security experience developing expertise through the birth of US Military Cyber Security operations to protecting/defending the largest wartime architecture in military history, as well as integrating global operational intelligence, we are positioned to focus on customer needs through innovative multi-layered solutions, centered on executing the Cyber Security Process.

Vulnerability Assessment & Management

Our Cyber Counter Threat capabilities span threat analysis and defensive cyber operations, architectures, cross-domain information sharing and other related platforms. We collect, process, analyze and incorporate results of assessments to make immediate gap filling resolution recommendations. In addition, we provide Long-term solutions based on operational activities and indicators, and their impact or potential effects on critical infrastructure including data from individuals to organizations, and essential business and security interests.

Tailored Architecture Approach & Solutions

We take a holistic approach through understanding the physical and application layers of the architecture and how to provide solutions via Cyberspace and Intelligence as well as proving a way to exploit the positive potential of this operational domain. Through understanding the architecture, we determine how best to control or minimize – if not eliminate – the adverse unintended or unexpected impacts.

The solution is scalable hardware and software such as sensors and adaptable/agile 24 x 7 monitoring. This provides the ability to protect/defend in depth, identify/ detect, respond, and maintain the flow of critical information, normal daily operations and critical infrastructure activities.

Governance (Policy) & Training

We are positioned to empower and improve critical Cyber Security Mission Governance through sound policy and best practices as well as increasing transparency, prioritizing, and optimizing resources, balancing trade offs and managing risks.

Our flexible, responsive, and resilient approach shares knowledge, information, and capabilities across organizational boundaries, striking a balance between unity of effort and specialization.

We stand out through a deep culture that values teamwork and innovation, flexible and agile response to any cyber security and intelligence challenge based on communication directives/policies and standards that are fully documented in how an entity develops its protected cyber architecture; monitors its cyber domain and responds with the right resources, enabling resilience, and sustainment of its full capacity during threat conditions. This process is validated and strengthened by an iterative and integrated process that emphasizes and is strengthened integration but most importantly security awareness and individual actions through documented and formal training that leads to confidence through certification. Our intent is to have the organization’s “Defense in Depth” Program include the Team and individual as the last line of defense.